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All Terrain Poster

All Terrain: Hill Trials

Addictive off-road racing game with realistic physics and real cars. Start your climbing now!


Drive to mountain peaks on cool off-road cars. Travel to the most remote corners of the earth and conquer them! Upgrade your off-road car in your own garage to improve results.



- Lots of cool cars: 4x4, SUV, Safari-jeeps. From old pickups to powerful six-wheeled prototypes!

- Realistic car physics.

- Fun driving experience.

- Custom upgrades for the engine, transmission, suspension, tires, etc. 

- Various challenging levels with different surfaces and landscapes.

- Different obstacles: bridges, puddles and mud.

- Collect fuel and coins while climbing hills.

- Excellent graphics and cool effects. Smooth 60 fps gameplay experience.


Lot of tracks: fields, desert, snow, woods, rocks, jungles and swamp.