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Death Rover poster

Death Rover

Fight against alien invaders on a space rover in Beta-4 system!


The action of this pixel game takes place in the future, when people began to colonize space. Everything went well until a distress signal was received from the distant planets of the Beta-4 system. Find out what happened to the human colonies and save the survivors!


Features of the game Death Rover: Space Zombie Survival:

- An exciting story. Find out what happened to the colonists and where the alien zombies came from.

- A variety of levels. All planets have different climatic conditions and different types of coverage and obstacles.

- 7 incredible cars: jeeps, moon rovers, 6 or even 8 wheeled monsters to conquer alien hills and battles with strangers.

- Cool upgrades. Install upgrades on your transport in the hangar: engine, transmission, suspension, tires, batteries, guns, menacing spikes, jet accelerators, etc.

- A lot of enemies. Alien zombies and mutants. Give them a fight!

- Realistic driving physics. Each rover has its own characteristics. Each planet has a unique landscape, coverage and gravity. Knowledge of physics will be useful!

- Destructible environment.

- Unique 2D graphics. Enjoy the pixel art style.


Colonists will not wait forever, they need to be saved! Stop the apocalypse of dead colony!